Our law firm is located in Payerne, in the canton Vaud.

Our attorneys-at-law are covering all areas of legal expertise. We are proven specialists in Swiss business law as well as Labor law.

We assist you in the resolution of any dispute, whether litigation (in the French and German speaking part of Switzerland), arbitration or mediation.

Our law firm deals with complex matters in English, German and French. We provide you with personalized solutions to address any of your issues.


Areas of expertise

Our law firm provides services in business law as well as expert assistance for private clients. We are ready to help you find a solution for any problem, both by means of alternative dispute resolution and if need be by litigation.

Business operations

We provide solutions to corporate issues throughout the life-cycle of a company and take into account the optimization of each company’s tax treatment in collaboration with tax specialists.

Establishment and Structuring of new business operations

We assist you during the establishment of your company and advise you on the choice of the suitable legal structure. Our services also cover the drafting of organizational regulations and the handling of relationships between partners or shareholders.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We guide you through the complex requirements of mergers and acquisitions and provide a thorough audit (due diligence). We advise you on the drafting, negotiation and implementation of the required documents.

Insolvency and Restructuring

Our law firm assists your company in restructuring. We take care to expertly preserve your goals while implementing the legal aspects of Labor law.

Business transfer

We assist you during the whole transfer of your company taking into account various aspects such as inheritance law and tax law. We also help you to draft documents in anticipation of one’s company presentation to potential buyers.

Private clients

As generalists, we are able to cover the main areas of law. Some of our numerous services include :

Between individuals

- Labor law

- Tenancy law

- Family law

- Neighborhood difficulties

- Enforcement (bankruptcy, seizure)

In relation to the government

- Withdrawal of driver’s licence

- Criminal complaint

- Unemployment

- Construction permit

Dispute Resolution


We benefit from a large experience and an ongoing education in the field of negotiation. Having your best interest at heart, we always try to settle the conflict before initiating proceedings.


As a mediator, we provide conditions enabling the parties to find a solution by their own approach.


We work as counsel, arbitrator or chairman, particularly in sports or business arbitrations.


We assist and defend your case pending with any Swiss Court.

Divorce and Separation

We assist you through this important step that often happens in difficult times. We try to find solutions that satisfy all parties involved.

In the event that both spouses basically agree on the idea of divorce or separation, we assist them through the legal paperwork and with filing the legal documents.

Should both spouses encounter problems and difficulties with divorce or separation proceedings we can offer our help and expertise, notably in the field of legal mediation.

On the other hand, excepting for rare occasions, we dot not represent the interest of one spouse only. In fact, we are convinced that lengthy legal proceedings are not in anybody’s interest and that a mutual agreement – even after long negotiations – is the best solution for both parties.


Our attorneys-at-law

Thanks to our distinct professional experience you benefit from many complementary skills. Our expertise enables us to cover all the main areas of Swiss law.

Keller & Dutoit, avocats

Patrice Keller


Me Patrice Keller, avocat

Patrice Keller counsels and defends you in all the main areas of Swiss Law, with a special expertise in Labor Law.

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Nicolas Dutoit

Attorney-at-law & Mediator

Me Nicolas Dutoit, avocat et médiateur

Nicolas Dutoit counsels and assists you in all the main areas of Swiss Law, with a special expertise in Business and Sports Law.

Additionally, he has specialized in the means of alternative dispute resolution, in particular in mediation and arbitration.

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